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Government Fears THIS Doctor

When Doctors that prescribe Vitamins to boost your immune system are demonized and hunted by Big Gov and Big Tech, but Doctors that want you to inject a deadly medical experiment into your body that’s killed over 4.5K people are celebrated, then you know something is seriously “off”  in our world. 

The federal government has accused Dr. Eric Nepute of deceptive advertising. They’re claiming that Dr. Eric Nepute used false information & fear to get people to buy vitamins. When the reality is the only ones who have used fear to push anything is the federal government and the pharmaceutical companies. They’ve taken away Dr. Eric Nepute’s first amendment right to freedom of speech. They’ve also taken away his ability to maintain an oath he holds sacred as a doctor to first do no harm.  Dr. Nepute has literally given away over 2 million bottles of vitamin D and zinc for free to people all over the United States.

The Government originally came after Dr. Nepute for over $8 million in penalties. Additionally, they have attempted to slander and discredit me through the associated press and national media. I was repeatedly unbooked off scheduled national interviews once producers read false government propaganda on the internet. Government agencies attacked Dr. Nepute’s character, slandered his name, and used him to try to make an example to silence and suppress other doctors who speak against the narrative of Big Gov & Big Pharma.  

Good news. We are already winning this battle. Our attorneys will tell you that Team Big Pharma / Big Misinformation have made some serious legal mistakes and absolutely have no science to back up any of their claims. We have expert witnesses including Nobel prize nominated doctors who will testify on Dr. Nepute’s behalf.

Dr. Eric Nepute’s case  will be one of the biggest cases for natural medicine and medical freedom that this country has ever seen.